Obstetrical Office Visit Week 12

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

This is where we are at this visit.  Your weight, blood pressure and urine will be analyzed and compared to last visit.  We review your prenatal labs that had been performed and any concerns you may have.  Nausea and vomiting are still present for many women, but should hopefully be improving!

Ideally it is at this time that a patient has decided whether genetic testing is desired.   If a patient would like to have screening for chromosomal anomalies, the particular testing will need to be decided.   For women who would like to have cell-free Fetal DNA testing done, a blood sample will be required. For those who request the First-Trimester Screening test, a finger stick will be required to measure the levels of  two analytes.  We are able to perform both in our office.

Additionally, a rather unique ultrasound, the Nuchal Translucency Screen, may be performed.  In this ultrasound, the thickness of your baby’s neck is measured. Babies with chromosomal anomalies may have a thicker measurement.  This ultrasound is traditionally offered as an instrumental component of the First-Trimester Screening test.  However, in a very narrow application, the nuchal translucency may be abnormal also for congenital defects, in particular, cardiac defects.  I typically discuss this ultrasound even for patients interested in cell-free Fetal DNA simply because of this.  Your provider can best guide you for the testing that is most appropriate.  Be aware that insurance coverage will need to be determined as changes are frequent and not all policies are comprehensive.

Your next visit is in one month.

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