Obstetrical Office Visit – Week 30-34

As far as office visits go, there isn’t much new that is done.  There is no further genetic testing or screening tests; you have had your screening for gestational diabetes, and you have had your anatomy screening ultrasound.

But it’s a whole different story for your pregnancy! Your baby continues to grow and you may become more uncomfortable.  Your provider may begin to discuss issues associated with pregnancy such as pre-term labor and pre-eclampsia, if not addressed earlier.

Labor and delivery may be more on your mind and please ask any questions you may have regarding this exciting time.  Things to consider include your thoughts on methods for pain management, fetal monitoring, the usage of vacuum or forcep to effect delivery, episiotomy and possible need for cesarean section.  I find these subjects to be the most common concerns expressed by my patients and having discussions with your provider can really relieve anxiety you may have.

It is at this time, you may start to make decisions regarding your baby for after the birth:

  • Who you will choose as a pediatrician?
  • Will you want a circumcision for your son, (if it is a boy)?
  • Do you want to have cord blood collection performed?

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