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Over the past decade, I have spent countless hours counseling patients in my office and I have appreciated, first-hand, just how complex and emotional many circumstances may be.   The topics we discuss can be complicated, not to mention fairly emotional, and the answers may be difficult. Moreover, I’ve learned that issues that may have seemed crystal clear in the office can quickly become less so once spouse, family and friends, all well-meaning, begin to question.


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Meet Dr. Tracy Etten

I am an ob-gyn in south Denver, practicing since 2002 with five other physicians at the Ob-Gyn Center.  I attended college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1985 – 1989) and then Drake University law school (1989 – 1991).  After passing the Illinois state bar,  I decided to pursue my medical career and later was accepted to Loyola Stritch School of Medicine (1994 – 1998) and finally residency at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois (1998 – 2002).

After residency, my husband and I moved to Denver for the wonderful outdoor opportunities found in the Rocky Mountains and we haven’t regretted it for a second.  We have three children keeping us constantly busy.

About the Name

The Stork

The “Stork” This probably is the more obvious and symbolic part of the name, reflecting the more prolific part of my job as an ob-gyn.   I’ve realized over the years, when people find out I am an ob-gyn the discussion trends to the “stork” aspect of my job, the care of women during their pregnancy and their delivery. And it truly is an amazingly rewarding experience, but a considerable part of my day is spent with other challenging issues, including pregnancy complications, birth anomalies, infertility, menopause and cancer, facing complex situations such as surgery, infidelity, and relationship difficulties.  

The Storm

Therein lies the “Storm”.   I wanted a name that reflected all aspects of my job, acknowledging not only the gratifying aspects of pregnancy and delivery but the more difficult concerns many women face from their adolescence through their menopausal ages.

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